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September 5th
12:41 PM

Gaddafi Turned, Made CIA Asset in Renditions

Charley Bravo - 9/5/11

Documents obtained from abandoned Libyan intelligence offices detail CIA and MI6 working with Gaddafi. During the Bush Administration, Gaddafi was essentially made a CIA asset; and subjects of CIA “rendition" (abduction) were delivered to Libyan interrogators, apparently with full knowledge that torture would ensue.

Among them was one Abdul Hakim Belhadj, an opponent of the Gaddafi regime, who now commands forces in rebel controlled Tripoli. CIA worked to have him extradited from Malaysia and then had him abducted before changing planes in Bankok:

Belhadj alleges that he was tortured during his rendition and during seven years in prison. He told the Guardian newspaper on Sunday that British agents were among the first to interrogate him in Tripoli.

“I wasn’t allowed a bath for three years and I didn’t see the sun for one year,” Belhadj told the Guardian. “They hung me from the wall and kept me in an isolation cell. I was regularly tortured.” That torture, Belhadj alleged, included being “put in a container surrounded by ice,” sleep deprivation, and constant noise.  >continue<

Cameron Calls for Inquiry  |  CIA, MI6 Helped Gaddafi

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