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July 30th
1:25 PM

Scattershot, immature, and now shocked

Egypt’s secular youth show signs of losing traction

Hundreds of thousands of ultra-religious Islamists packed this capital’s central Tahrir Square in an unprecedented show of support for the creation of an Islamic republic, rather than the planned unity demonstration in collaboration with secularists…

Bulos Oweideh, a Coptic priest who sits on a joint revolutionary council that included both Islamists and secularists, shared the outrage. The Islamist hijacking of the demonstration, he said, was “contrary to what we had agreed.”…

Many fear that the schism in Egypt’s revolutionary leadership is irreparable, and that the Islamists have emerged on top. “This is my worst nightmare,” said a young businessman, a mosque-going Muslim who still wants a secular government. “I hoped we could avoid this.”  >continue<

Fundamentalists crash rallies  |  See also Juan Cole’s analysis:

…in fact, the Salafis put a scare into women, middle class people, Coptic Christians, and youth on Friday that almost certainly hurt the chances of the Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming elections, at least in urban areas. That is, the true significance of Friday’s events  >Informed Comment<

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