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May 22nd
5:16 PM

DuckDuckGo and Ixquick take a tiny bite out of Google
Private: some search engines make money by not tracking users

Cyrus Farivar - arstechnica »

“The problem is that [people] have never had a choice…They don’t perceive that they have a choice. If you say: yes, you can go to this privacy search engine, they feel that they’re sacrificing something for that. But I don’t want to hamper my search experience. We’ve been trying to offer high privacy and a comparable or better search experience [than Google].”

[Gabriel] Weinberg’s not the only one saying it. Search Engine Land wrote last month that in terms of user experience and interface, DuckDuckGo “has begun to beat Google at its own game.” >continue<

While a “tiny bite” may sound quixotic in a world where Google is almost synonymous with ubiquity, the emergence of “filter bubbles” and the inescapable avalanche of personally tailored information appears to mark the extreme frontiers of sophistry. Constantly being told what we want to hear, given what we want to see, subtly subverts both intelligence and its emergence. If Socrates told any interesting stories or asked any interesting questions, that and how one might counter it should be remembered above all.

It’s not just balkanization into ever more finely tuned demographics and the herding of citizens into a consumeristic fate here in the Age of Marketing - but the chief mode whereby soul is rendered into slavishness, and where the hope for an adroit political intellect is forever attenuated into an infinity of desire.

Which is to say, the linked Eli Pariser video and the arstechnica piece above are worth more than passing attention.

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