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"Πάντα ῥεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει"

November 10th
2:12 PM

Protest Planet

How a Neoliberal Shell Game Created an Age of Activism 
By Juan Cole

From Tunis to Tel Aviv, Madrid to Oakland, a new generation of youth activists is challenging the neoliberal state that has dominated the world ever since the Cold War ended.  The massive popular protests that shook the globe this year have much in common, though most of the reporting on them in the mainstream media has obscured the similarities.   

Whether in Egypt or the United States, young rebels are reacting to a single stunning worldwide development: the extreme concentration of wealth in a few hands thanks to neoliberal policies… They are objecting to high rates of unemployment, reduced social services, blighted futures, and above all the substitution of the market for all other values as the matrix of human ethics and life.  >continue<

Emphasis ours. An exchange, an economy reduced and strangled by a nihilism posing as economics. A master/slave dialectic for the 21st Century.

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